Thank you to all alumni who returned to campus this fall

Thank you to all alumni who returned to campus this fall

We want to say a big thank you to all of the alumni that have come back to campus this fall to support the numerous Career Services events that have been held for the Class of 2019. The current students have really valued the opportunity to hear from alumni and see how their careers have progressed since graduating from the Barcelona GSE.

The recent International Organization Events held in October, were attended by four alumni, who participated in company presentations and a panel that discussed the “Guidelines regarding international organizations in general” and the “points to consider if you are thinking about applying to such organizations versus the private sector”. 
The alumni that attended included:

  • Gady Saiovici (Econ ‘09)
    International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • Rodrigo Deiana (ITFD ‘11)
    Junior Policy Analyst
    Africa unit of the OECD Development Center
  • Thang Nguyen (EPP ‘13) and Paris Regional Ambassador
    Junior Policy Analyst
    Africa unit of the OECD Development Center
  • Alberto Osnago (Econ ‘09)
    Trade Policy Analyst
    World Trade Organization

Alum Rodrigo Deiana commented that the event was a great opportunity to "come back to the Barcelona GSE with other alumni from OECD, WTO and ILO to share our personal experience in International Organisations and talk to the bright and motivated current students about their career aspirations."



We also held a Consulting Day in October, that brought 13 alumni back to the Barcelona GSE and showed the students the value that a Master’s from the School has across the sector. 

Alumni that participated in this event included the following:

  • Kinga Ritter (Data Science '18)
    Accenture, Barcelona
  • Giuseppe Leonello (Competition and Market Regulation '14)
    Vice President
    Alix Partners, London
  • Jose Fernando Moreno (Data Science '17)
    Bluecap Management Consulting, Barcelona
  • Álvaro Corrales (Economics '18)
    Consulting Associate
    Charles River Associates (CRA), London
  • Ferenc Peto (Competition and Market Regulation '11)
    Compass Lexecon, London
  • Pau Agullo (Economics '97)
    Managing Director
    Kernel Analytics, Barcelona
  • María Fernández (Data Science '15)
    Senior Data Scientist
    Kernel Analytics, Barcelona
  • Annalena Hagenauer (Economics '15)
    Economic Analyst
    Nera Economic Consulting, London
  • Jonathan Haynes (Finance '17)
    Senior Consultant
    OXERA, London
  • Carlos de Sousa (Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets '12)
    Senior Economist
    Oxford Economics, London
  • Valerio Sodano (Competition and Market Regulation '13)
    Senior Associate
    RBB Economics, Madrid
  • Dean Curry (Economics '15)
    Senior Associate
    RBB Economics, London
  • Emmanuelle Derré (Economics '17)
    Research Analyst
    The Brattle Group, London


As well as these two large events, smaller Finance Events also took place which were attended by the following Alumni:

  • Pascal Schmidt (Economics 2017)
    Factset, Frankfurt
  • Chad Eric Zidow (ITFD 2015)
    Senior analyst
    Crestline, Dallas

We also held two Practicum Pitch events for the Data Science students, which were attended by:

  • Veronika Kyuchukova (Data Science ‘17) 
    Data Scientist
    Bank Sabadell
  • Jose Moreno  (Data Science ‘17) 
    Junior Data Science Manager
  • Laura Roman (Data Science ‘17)
    Data Scientist
    Caixa Bank
  • Anestis Papanikolaou (Data Science ‘15) 
    Principal Transport Modeller
  • Maria Fernandez (Data Science ‘15)
    Data Scientist
    Kernel Analytics

In addition to these events, we have also had alum Eleonora Harwitch (EPP ‘14) talk to the current students about her career and how she became to be the Director of Research at Reform Think Tank in London.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Career Services events recently and if you are willing to get involved in similar activities in the future, please do not hesitate to contact the Career Services team directly at 

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