Class of 2020 career placement report proves demand is still strong during pandemic

90% of the Barcelona GSE Master's Class of 2020 seeking a job or entry to a PhD program reported success within six months of graduating.

In what has surely been one of the most unusual and difficult years for making a career move, 152 out of 169 graduates from the Barcelona GSE Class of 2020 (90% of those seeking placement) have been hired for a professional position related to their Master's studies or accepted a place in a post-graduate program.

Out of those placed, 76% chose to enter or return to the professional work force, while 24% entered a PhD or other post-graduate program of study immediately after the Master's program.


Chart shows 76% entered the professional work force and 24% entered a PhD or other post-graduate program

*Placement rate and class trends are calculated from information reported by alumni to Barcelona GSE Career Services.


Financial Services and Consulting were the top choices for professional positions

31% of students took a job in Financial Services, and 23% chose Consulting Firms. The next most common choice were Research and Academic Institutions (17%), followed by Government and Authorities (9%), Other Industries (9%), International Organizations and Non-profits (6%) and Technology (5%).

Chart shows percentages listed in the text


Examples of employers hiring Barcelona GSE graduates in the Class of 2020 (# of students hired)


Industry Example employers
Financial Services
European Central Bank (14), CaixaBank Research (4), Banc Sabadell (2), BBVA (2), Goldman SachsNovum CapitalPiraeus BankReserve Bank of Australia (one student each)
DalbergKKS AdvisorsRBB EconomicsThe Brattle Group (2 students each), Accenture, Arthur D Little, CEPA, DeloitteKPMG, NERA Economic ConsultingPwCVivid Economics (one student each)
Research & Academic Institutions
Barcelona GSE Data Science Center (3), DIW BerlinESADE Business SchoolIESE Business SchoolPrinceton UniversitySeoul National UniversityStanford University (SIEPR)University of Zurich (one student each)
Government & Authorities
Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance (2), French Ministry of EcologyHaitian Ministry of Economy and FinanceNorwegian Ministry of Justice and Public SecurityUK Competition Market AuthorityUS Bureau of Labor Statistics (one student each)
International Organizations / Non-profits
OECD (3), Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), Inter-American Development BankWorld Bank, (one student each)
ABB GroupEverisPI Works (one student each)
Other Industries
DanoneEnergy Profiles LimitedEverything FinancePhilip Morris InternationalVestas (one student each)


97% success rate for students seeking entry to PhD or other post-graduate program

21 graduates who chose to continue their studies have entered the PhD program at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (organized jointly with the Barcelona GSE). Other graduates in the Class of 2020 accepted places in PhD programs at institutions such as:


The Class of 2020 is working and studying in 32 countries

30% of the class is studying or working in Spain. 49% are located in another European country. 12% of the Class of 2020 is now located in North America, 7% in Africa, Asia, or Oceania, and 2% in South America.


Map show percentages listed in the text



Countries where 5 or more alumni from the Class of 2020 are currently working or studying:

  • Spain (46 students)
  • Germany (17)
  • United Kingdom (16)
  • United States (10)
  • Italy (8)
  • France (7)
  • Turkey (7)
  • Switzerland (6)

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