Here's a recap of the community activities organized by the Barcelona GSE and alumni community during June:

Frankfurt get-together | June 11

  • Organizer: Barcelona GSE Career Services
  • Participants: 9 alumni, Helga Kirchner and Laurence Penvent from BGSE Careers
  • Venue: Oosten bar Frankfurt

Frankfurt get-together

BGSE Summer Forum | June 11-22

  • Organizer: Barcelona GSE Research
  • Participants: 700+ participants including many alumni!
  • Venue: Casa Convalescència (UAB)

Alumni present their work at BGSE Summer Forum

Barcelona get-together | June 12

  • Organizers: Daniele, Ilaria, Thomas
  • Participants: 26 alumni
  • Venue: Mercè Rodoreda Building rooftop (UPF)

Alumni on the rooftop of the Barcelona GSE building at UPF campus

Dublin get-together | June 21

  • Organizer: Barcelona GSE Career Services
  • Participants: 2 alumni and Magda Grucza from BGSE Careers
  • Venue: The Temple Bar pub

Dublin meet-up

BGSE Summer School | June 24-July 2

  • Organizer: Barcelona GSE
  • Participants: 600+ participants including 40 alumni!
  • Venue: Ciutadella Campus (UPF)

Alumni attending Barcelona GSE Summer School

What’s next?

Graduation! The Class of 2018 will celebrate on July 9. This month there will also be alumni get-togethers in Brussels, Madrid, and New York.

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